American Ass Backwards

The assignment was to answer the question “What does it mean to be an American?”  August 10, 2009

                 To be completely honest, being an “American” does not mean anything at all. The “freedom” that we are given is extremely limited, unlike how people make it seem. The U.S. has a government that disobeys its own laws and justifies itself with false information. Not to mention the military and police force have no integrity. I’m proof enough for that. All in all, symbols of America are all phony because of the reasons listed above.

                Many people bring up the first amendment when confronted with a question like “What does it mean to be an American?” and they go into detail about freedom of speech. This freedom is very limited. Everyone in the room reading this can’t deny that they aren’t allowed to speak freely and express whatever they’d like.  Not only have I witnessed people exercising their right and being punished, but I do it myself quite frequently. What is a freedom with punishment? It isn’t a freedom anymore.

                Secondly, our government has created laws and will readily take illegal action and either omit or alter information for the public. For example, Bush placed several surveillance cameras in New York shortly after 9/11. He did so without the agreement of representatives, senators, etc. Another example could be how Hawaii was seized by the US through a series of threats against the monarchy (i.e. The Bayonet Constitution). Again without any legitimate authorization. In addition, they held people at gun point and imprisoned Queen Lili’uokalani after taking all of her power for no reason. If the “American” government can’t obey its own laws, it’s not too wonderful.

                I’ve also mentioned that the men and women serving and representing the US have no integrity. Military men have been known to beat and cheat on their wives. Police men have been known to beat and cheat on their wives. I’m not going to lie; my biological father was in the Navy for 20 years and started beating me every day of my life since I was around 10 years old.  The police I eventually reported him to said that it was completely legal and then illegally searched my room. His wife threatened to kill me in front of a police officer and all the police officer could say is, “Since nothing is being done, I cannot legally remove you from the home”. We went to court and the case was dismissed even with all of the physical evidence. That’s just one example. America didn’t provide justice for me and many other people out there. America allows the people serving it to participate in illegal activities without discipline. No integrity.

                America is ass backwards. Freedom of speech is overrated, the government doesn’t obey the laws it creates, and is represented by many people who do illegal activities and lack integrity. So being an “American” means nothing. It basically just means that you’re a citizen of the United States of America. Simple. Teachers have disagreed with me, and then somehow don’t allow me to take full advantage of “freedom of speech” because I end up getting detention. And what is freedom with punishment? It isn’t a freedom anymore.

    • Jasmine
    • September 25th, 2010

    So what country would you rather live in? I like Canada:D

    • Mari Carmen
    • October 10th, 2010

    Marisol please i know you are not happy ,over here is very different only i ask you cam over and you see ,if you dont like go back ok darling ?? please right me back ,i wish i can speak to you call me ok ask your mom for the number or give me your e mail i will send to you,,,i love you Marisol

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