Anything is Possible

Written September 20, 2009

Desidarius never blended well with the crowd. Without saying anything or doing anything, people always got the sense that he was different. This wasn’t because he scarcely spoke or even because of the rumors of him being some kind of teen secret agent from a foreign country that came to investigate high school in Florida. Maybe his name sounded too strange or his perfect English made it hard to believe he was actually from Latvia, some country they’ve never heard of in Europe. It wasn’t even about the silly thoughts people have about new students, especially from another country. To cut this short, I guess his secret ability altered his vibe in that sort of mysterious way.         

            We all met Desidarius when he showed up to first period Biology with Mrs. Archie. He traipsed into class and took a seat in the back. Of course everyone had to glance back at him. We had heard we were going to have a new student from Latvia, but we just didn’t expect him to be…so much like us. He had on some dark jeans with a blue and white t-shirt, a blue jacket of the same shade, and blue Vans. I witnessed a few girls in class, including Chelsea, a friend of mine, with that admiring look on their face. Most guys can’t pull off color coordination like he did.

            He hadn’t spoken a word until Mrs. Archie announced that we were going to be taking a test. “Would you like to take the test too, Desidarius?” she inquired. All eyes turned to him, curious as to what his voice would sound like. “Sure,” he responded, with a nod and a meek smile.

            A few people gasped. Even Mrs. Archie gasped. We weren’t even sure he spoke English at all, and on top of that he had a rather dulcet, heavenly kind of voice. Desidarius really wasn’t anything we would’ve expected. Not to mention, he wanted to take the biology test. There was definitely something abnormal there. No one likes Biology and he wasn’t even here when we learned all the stuff on the test. All in all, it seemed like a short class period and finally, the bell rung for break.

I jumped out of my seat, eagerly looking towards the back of the room. Desidarius was gone. How could he have gone so quickly if the only door open was at the front of the class? “Figures,” I whispered. I turned around, and trudged out of class and into the mass of people aimlessly walking around campus. It seemed like everyone had something to say about the new foreign exchange student. I heard everything ranging from, “Desidarius, what is that? Some sort of cheese?” to what I thought sounded like, “That guy seems like such a phony. I have some plans for him.”

Intrigued, I stole a glimpse in the direction of the familiar voice. “Travis!” I scolded, “What the frack? He’s new.” Travis smirked. Apparently, me showing up and hearing bits of their conversation was enough to shut them up. “So, what do you plan on doing to Desidarius anyway?” I asked innocently. “Just a classic shock pen. It won’t hurt him at all but I’d love to see the look on his face!” I shook my head and headed to the café for some breakfast. I started to wonder if I should explain Travis’s plan to Desidarius. At least it’d give me a subject to start a conversation with him. Or maybe I’ll…

And then I bumped into him. Into Desidarius, that is. That really didn’t give me enough time to ponder the subject. “Hey Desidarius, are you eating breakfast?” I questioned. To my surprise, instead of ignoring me, he replied, “Uh, yea, and you can just call me Des.” Oh what a relief, Des was a lot shorter than Desidarius. Luckily, the line was a lot shorter today also, not that it mattered much to me. I grabbed Des’s arm and led him to the front of the line.

We both bought a bagel with strawberry cream cheese and sat down hesitantly. Travis and his gang leered in my direction and pointed fingers at Des. Des was eating peacefully, not paying much attention to me. I sneakily flipped Travis off. “What hand sign was that? What does it mean?” So I guess Des was paying attention. I sat for a few moments, contemplating different scenarios of telling him the truth or lying and saying it means something totally off. I chose to tell the truth, it’s only right. “It pretty much tells someone ‘f*** you’ in a non-verbal way.” was my answer. He nodded.

Des and I ambled through the hallways, to our next period. “Hey Marisol! Looks like you like the new guy,” Travis howled behind us. I ignored him. Des told me about how he had grown up in Latvia and about a load of random stuff that was pretty interesting and I did the same, with an occasional thought of shock pens vs. Des. I couldn’t really get the thought out of my head, so I shared my experiences with electric shocks and shock pens with Des. He seemed really fascinated.

Upon arriving to class, I reached for my seat at the same table as Travis and Des pulled up a seat next to me. Travis winked. I stumbled. In his hand was a shiny, silver pen. Or shock pen, whatever. I couldn’t believe he was following through with this.

            Travis then held out the pen to Des and asked, “Need a pen?” Des accepted the pen, probably believing it was out of good will and not intentional deceit. I stared blankly, but in horror. He clicked the top of the pen, jolted, and immediately dropped the pen. “Gotcha,” Travis exclaimed, with that evil snicker of his.

Des remained completely calm during the rest of class. He didn’t seem like the vengeance type anyway, but then again, my other predictions about him all proved to be wrong at this point. I wouldn’t know and probably wouldn’t find out either. I didn’t have any other classes with him today and as far as I knew, neither did Travis. Why was I so intrigued by him? Well, everyone was intrigued by him. His voice pierced my thoughts. “You can meet me after school if you want, I’ll be waiting for my ride near the office.” I gave an affirmative answer and went to class.

            Travis was an ass. I was still in disbelief that he shocked a new student. For all he knows, Des could just report him for harassment or something. Or if those fake-sounding rumors were true, Travis could be lying lifeless in a gutter, colder than a nudist on ice someday soon. To be honest, I couldn’t wait for school to end so I could talk to Des. Maybe I could ask him about his composed reaction to basically being pranked. To my amazement, the bell rang and it was the end of school already. School went by pretty fast today.

            I jaunted vigorously to the office, colliding with a wide assortment of random people. Wow this school had a lot of people.

            Once I got to the office, I waited impatiently. Pacing back and forth for what seemed to be about 15 minutes, Des appeared. Like magic, Travis also walked around the corner of the office and grinned at Des. One line went through my mind. Can’t we all just get along? Travis extended his hand to Des, apparently for a hand shake. And then…Des smiled that sweet smile and gratefully took his hand. Travis made a painful face and nearly doubled over, trying to pull his hand back and failing horribly. He seemed like he was in total agony, but I didn’t believe any of it. He was probably being an ass again.

            Des let go and Travis dropped to the ground, saying, “Nice one, you shocked me back.” But that was impossible. Des’s hands were open in front of him, palms facing upwards and nothing was there. No buzzer, no shock pen, definitely no liquid and an outlet, no nothing. That was the most unbelievable thing that happened that day, because Des admitted it, “Yes, I did” he divulged.       

            At school the next day, the school was buzzing with different accounts of what had happened with the shocking incident. The only ones who really know what went on would be Des and I. At least I think so. Even Travis is still completely oblivious to the situation. They say anything is possible. Is it so hard to believe that someone can learn to do something, anything, by having it done to them? It would explain Des’s perfect English, his posture, his laid-back approach to things, and the ability to shock people now. Other people say they have to see it to believe it. See Des and believe it. He doesn’t have to be put up in a museum. Anything is possible.

    • Jasmine
    • September 25th, 2010

    Intresting story. I noticed a lot of similarities to real life.

    • I wouldn’t replace bagels with strawberry cream cheese! Other than that, I don’t see similarities to real “life” but ok!

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