Dangers of an Asian Driver

Written November 17, 2009

Today, a car door opened. And when I looked inside, I saw the true dangers of walking across the street. On a freaking crosswalk. And that danger I saw was in the form of…. some dumb old Filipino lady! Munong! Whatever! Seriously, crosswalks are supposed to be there to create a sense of security when walking across a street filled with what my family would call “nondriving asses” who are steering potential death machines.

People should be able to cross the street safely on a crosswalk. Hence the term “crosswalk” was created. Not only that, but you can tell the nondriving asses to drive forward so the tire of their death machine can get off a Jasmine’s foot. And instead, they reverse and run over Jasmine’s foot again. I witness so much driver stupidity in one minute. If you can’t drive for shit, don’t drive for anyone else either. Including yourself. There are other ways of suicide that don’t endanger others. Thou shalt not kill because you are an Ignoramus.

ALSO… if you’re the one who got a foot run over or got hit, don’t just walk away limping and cussing. At least turn around to cuss at the person to their face. Try to get some compensation or something! Not pretend it all did not even happen.

Later that day, we went looking for this Filipino lady’s son. We eventually found him after questioning a wide range of people if they saw the kid wearing a hospital mask.  Or Michael Jackson publicity mask. Whichever you know it as. Anyways, he claims Jasmine “jumped in front of the car like a deer”? I was like… and excuse the language but I was thinking along the lines of “Bitch please.” Such denial. Or he was attempting to white-out his mom’s error. I sure hope the nondriving skills don’t run in the family. I’d be scared for my life if my family had a disorder that wouldn’t allow them to see people in the middle of the crosswalk.

    • Jasmine
    • September 25th, 2010

    You know he’s actually right. Even you guys were telling me “You’re gonna get your ass run over one day if you don’t start looking first.” and that’s exactly what happend. Too bad I still don’t look first -____________-

    • You didn’t jump in front of the car like a deer. We were like walking in a line like The Beatles album cover. Plus, you don’t have the agility of a deer! Lol. j/k. Ok I’m done with meanish reply comments to you. XD

    • Jasmine
    • September 28th, 2010

    ummmhmmm whatever you say.

    • I just thought of something. Is your mom a bad asian driver? XD

        • Jasmine
        • September 29th, 2010

        actually she was, but since we moved to salt lake and she stopped drinking she hasnt been.

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