Lack of Common Sense

So many people have no common sense. I remember when my “dad’s” wife tried to get rid of the hair on her face. The “Peach Fuzz”. She – like a dumbass- put Nair hair remover on her face like a face mask. After she was done and her face looked like a cherry, she actually was thoroughly surprised. I was LMAO. All I could think was “good for you, evil bitch” among other things. What surprised me was that as a result, she didn’t even have enough energy to go shopping and spend money. Spending money is her life!

Then there was my brother. *facepalm* His baby got sick and had a stuffy nose. So he proceeds to suck the kid’s nose. Using his mouth. Babies don’t have the same lung capacity as a grown human, so that wasn’t safe. But also… sucking boogers. Eww.

Last example. When I hear people say “I’m a half virgin” I don’t understand what exactly they’re thinking. They’ll say something like they were half dressed. Sorry guys, it doesn’t work like that. I’m pretty sure you can either be a virgin or a non-virgin. Or, you can say half-virgin and be an idiot. You can pick which one.

    • Jasmine
    • September 25th, 2010

    LMFAO and I thought I lacked common sense.

    • Oh don’t worry, you still do. Just not to the extreme. ^^ Laaahve yoo lol.

        • Jasmine
        • September 28th, 2010

        LOl. Yeah I know you do, but you suck at showing it.

  1. Suck at showing it? Psshh puh-lease.

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