Puberty Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me!

Puberty ain’t got nothin’ on me

Some people are late bloomers because their breasts didn’t grow till they were in high school.

Some people waited forever for that growth spurt. For-e-ver.

Not me!!!

My mind is a late bloomer.

While society raped young minds and took its virginity at 5 or 6…

I knew reality till 14.

And THEN I got my imagination.

  1. lol, more, more, moreeeeeeeeeeeee I feel there is more. Are you holding out on us here?

  2. It happens sometimes…the rest might come. The piece ended with a cliffhanger, lol

    • Yup, it pretty much just comes and goes. When I write, I don’t think I’m totally aware of myself. Lol.

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