I know this is kind of long. Whoever reads it, bare with me.

I see you everywhere, you’re like my déjà vu

I’m looking in a mirror, looking right at you.

That monster I see burns holes into my skin.

Afterall, my pain was always your sweetest sin.

I know you loved to make me suffer,

but little did you know you were making me tougher.

Your voice still haunts me to the depth of the Earth

You had me praying for death and hopefully rebirth.

You ripped my heart out so I can feel no more.

Wasn’t that good enough, you ugly fatass whore?

You got what you wanted but can’t leave me be –

Get out of the mirror; you’re not what I want to see.

My life – you had no right to take.

Pay for it with your own life for fuck’s sake.

Do a favor to the world and just leave it.

Genius plan, isn’t it? You could never have conceived it.

How would you feel if I called you a cunt?

Took me a while to pull this little stunt;

Writing something like this and putting it online

And DAMN does it make me feel so fine.

Telling everyone how you called me a sneaky little bitch

Um, excuse me, that’s you. Now go and get hitched.

I also read about how you could possibly sue!

But that’s for misrepresentation and this is all true.

So go right ahead and cast a spell.

Your Wiccan beliefs had always compelled

me to think you created all of the strife.

Which is completely true. You took my life.

If you read this, I hope you took it with a grain of salt.

This is all true, and none of it was my fault.

I wish I could say all this to you directly

I’ve been waiting for the chance pretty patiently…

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