Text Msg Convo with Sergio – Lol

Sergio: Ello!

Marisol: Vee ee!

Sergio: Oui oui!!

Marisol: LOL wth was that?

Sergio: It rhymed🙂

Marisol: Oui oui – LOL. But then it sounds like wee wee and that is a pee pee.  A ding ding. ._.

Sergio: Lol! Very nice rapping;)

Marisol: What was rapping? O.o

Sergio: Wee wee with pee pee.

Marisol: Wao so I just did some white rapping. Nd I’m not white! *panic* I should take some lessons in Blackness.

Sergio: Hahaha, what ethnicity are you?

Marisol: Hawaiian, Chinese, Spanish, Filipino. If it matters, I have some Moroccan… Nd that’s in Africa! 😀

Sergio: Yes dear it matters!! Wow so you have a bit of everything:)

Marisol: You put those smiley faces in the creepiest places. Omg, that rhymed too!

Sergio: Fine:( now more faces then.. And it did rhyme lol.

Marisol: Also, I don’t have everything. I lack whiteness. But then I think I make up for it with skin. ._.

Sergio: Haha, mm I like white meat so it’s all good.

Marisol: :O You didn’t need a smiley face to make that creepy. Anyways, I’ve always wanted to be browner. I’m like the whitest one in my family.

Sergio: Lol! Your so weird<3 I love it haha. Stand out in the beach more.

Marisol: Ooo! “It’s not weird.. it’s called having a personality” And I’m not a beach person. I’ll stay lite forever.

Sergio: Or it’s called “one time limited edition” *smiley face*

Marisol: Umm… I didn’t get that one. And the *smiley face* still counts as 🙂

Sergio:  That there is only one type of person like you silly! Does that mean I can do the smiley face instead of *smiley face*?

Marisol: I didn’t prohibit you from doing :), I just said it was creepy. If you wana be a creeper, go ahead! LOL.

Sergio: Yay!:) Will you still like me?? Lol.

Marisol: Will I still like you? Is this 1st grade?! If so, I’d probably slap you. I was mean back then iirc.

Sergio: Maaaybe it is.. iirc? New acronym alert!

Marisol: IIRC = If I Recall Correctly. And I decided I’m posting this convo on my site. It’s interesting.

Sergio: wsiidk, from like the first text??

Marisol: Yup. I’m posting it now. Feel free to comment lol. EXPOSED!


  1. lol, no you did not!!!!! lol, Hi Sergio, I found it funny as well, good funny (smiley face) lol

    • Lol, I have to tell him to comment back to you! This convo I posted is happening right now. XD

  2. ha ha ha ha no you did not just post it right now!!! lol, you are funny lol. poor Sergio, well he does like your craziness I hope he enjoys it 🙂

    • Sergio
    • October 1st, 2010

    Haha, heyllo’s!

  3. hello Sergio, keep going, I am enjoying you two 🙂

    • Sergio
    • October 1st, 2010

    What it’s an opening statement lol.

    • Mom
    • October 6th, 2010

    Fyi… you’re also Sicilian (Italian) 😉

    I love you.

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