Alone vs. Lonely

I think the terms “alone” and “lonely” are very different; alone is physical, while lonely is more emotional. If I were to tell someone I was alone, they would think of it as being physically alone. I would literally be all by myself. On the other hand, if I said I were lonely, they would think I feel isolated or without a companion. I feel lonely everyday. It has never mattered that I’m surrounded by people. None of them are able to take the loneliness away if its a mental state of being. Some people think a girlfriend or boyfriend can take away their loneliness, but I believe they can only get rid of it themselves. Unfortunately, I’ve been trying desperately to rid myself of the anxiety and depression that consumed me years ago. I’ve always failed… So maybe people DO need the help of a girlfriend or boyfriend. Maybe the first step to eliminating the loneliness is to eliminate being alone. Then physically isolating yourself would lead to mentally isolating yourself. But then what about the people who are never alone but feel lonely? Maybe they need a change in environment and to hang out with different people. OR maybe it only works one way. Like, you can’t get unpregnant the same way you got pregnant lol. In that case, getting rid of loneliness gets rid of being alone, but it does not work the same vice versa. Either way, I think there is a connection between curing loneliness and being alone — I just am too ignorant to know what it is.

    • Jasmine
    • October 3rd, 2010

    This really makes me feel like I’ve failed you as a friend.

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