Text Message Convo w/ Jasmine – College

Jasmine: yeh but there is like a college on every street.

Marisol: LOL. That sounds funny.

Jasmine: hows that?

Marisol: Because that would make it free of old people. Nd that’s unrealistically funny.

Jasmine: boston tends to have more younger people there b/c of that. thats why laws are stricter there.

Marisol: Of all states, they’ve had the stupidest laws too.

Jasmine: yep because the old people who do live there think college students will ruin their city without laws to keep em in place.

Marisol: That’s even funnier lol. But that’s true. College people everywhere = I’d shoot them.

Jasmine: rotfl wow. remind me not to go to school where u live.


Moral of the story: Don’t attend college near Marisol. Lol. Which may be Florida. Beware you Floridians! I’ma make Miami more chaotic.

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