Double Vanilla?!?

Wth is Double Vanilla? I’m eating Double Vanilla ice cream and now that it’s almost gone, I’m like… How can it be a double? Of 1 thing? Is this an inner blonde moment or is that a valid question?

>_<  Man, I think sometimes I make brunettes look bad. I take that back. Jasmine makes brunettes look bad. (Love you Jasmine if you read this! ;D)

Edit: I just thought about it… and me AND Jasmine in 1 place must make brunettes look realllyyyy bad. O___O

    • Jasmine
    • October 8th, 2010

    It’s nice to know that people all over know im blonde.
    Buuuuut I admit it:)
    ahaha love ya too.

    • Hahaha at least were original. Also… I have an idea. Make a youtube channel called Double Vanilla. *nods* ooohhh yeeaaaaa

        • Jasmine
        • October 8th, 2010

        meaning both of us because like you said how can one be two? lol actually i kinda started on one but i doubt im gonna post it.

      • Well, idk. But umm.. Double Vanilla is 1 of 2. Or 2 made of one. Or whatever. Ok seriously, does that make sense? Idk, but Double Vanilla sounds good to me. Probably cuz its food. Hahaha I feel like a fatty.

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