“Can I Wear Jeans?”

I should have added on the Shortness post: https://marisol4you.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/why-shortness-sucks-but-i-like-it-list/ that its hard to find the right size jeans. –__–

Anyways – This is what happens when I find out I have to attend a formal event:

1- Weddings

Grandma: Sol we have to go to a wedding in 2 weeks.

Me: Ok… Can I wear jeans?

Grandma: No… you’re wearing a dress. *cry*

2- Umm…school shiz

Teacher: And you guys’ banquet is coming up! Make sure you buy it before it goes up to $100!

Me: *raises hand* Can I wear jeans?

Teacher: Well…. no. You have to wear -blah blah blah-

Me: Aww….. *whimper* I wasn’t going anyway! (Last graduation type thing, I DID wear jeans… and then I left right after lol)

3- Funerals

Grandma: We have a funeral to go to. And no you can’t wear  jeans.

Me: *wow, grandma is psychic* What about a skirt?

Grandma: No, you’re wearing a dress. *DIES*

–__– There shall be no compromise!

4- Job Apps

Me: I have to apply in person at this one place.

Other person: Make sure you dress appropriately.

Me: *think* Can I wear….. black jeans? LOL

5- Quinceañera (or other cultural events)

Person: Hey Marisol, want to come to my quinceanera?

Me: Umm… Can I wear jeans to it?

Person: *sigh* Well, you can but everyone else is gonna be dressed nicer.

Me: Ok so no jeans. –__– We’ll see.

6- When Asked About Jeans

Mom: So what kinds of jeans do you like?

Me: Umm… just jeans. Idc.

Mom: What size are you? Do you like colors? Skinny, regular?

Me: Size 0. Idc about colors. Anything. Lol. (Yay, I can wear jeans)

7- When going to regular places

Friend: Wana go to the movies on Saturday?


8- Court

Probably grandma: We have to go to the Bailiff’s office at 10.

Me: The court appointed officer thing? Can I wear jeans?

Grandma: Uuhhh… I guess.

The End.

P.S. I am usually wearing shorts at home and on weekends and stuff. It gets hott. Like now! Oooo… song quote time. In Those Jeans – Ginuwine. Or Dem JeansChingy. Or that Apple Bottom Jeans song. Wow, there are a lot of jeans songs. Represent homie Gs. XD

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