WHY SHORTNESS SUCKS but I like it List!

Well, I think I like making lists. At least this one has a high chance of making people laugh. Being short/small sucks, but I still kinda like it. Most of the time. Oh! Almost forgot to add… I am 4’11 and 95 lbs………………….. and am not growing. >__<

  1. People can hold things above their head so I can’t get it, and my only option is to kick them in the sack.
  2. It’s OBVIOUS I can’t reach the top shelf… but I can’t reach the back of the bottom shelf either.
  3. There are more short jokes than tall jokes, thus it is mean to make fun of the Vertically Challenged.
  4. When I want to ride a rollercoaster or something, I get stopped even though I actually DO meet the height requirements.
  5. I haven’t grown in like 7 years. In other words, the ending of 4th grade. Sadness.
  6. I don’t waste time at concerts because all you normal or tall sized people will be blocking me. However, I did watch Janet Jackson perform through binoculars.
  7. When I sit on a regular sized chair or sometimes toilets, my feet don’t reach the ground. And when they do, it’s usually just my toes.
  8. Someone can totally pick me up and just kidnap me because not only do I FIT INSIDE OF BAGS!! But I also can’t really do anything.
  9. When I look straight ahead, I have no choice but to look at everyone’s chests. Sometimes stomachs.
  10. I ate all my vegetables (even spinach) and I still ended up small. I was lied to!
  11. People do an intense stare when I climb shelves. –__–
  12. If I were to play basketball again, I would constantly get blocked.

The world is made for people who are like 5’5 and up. I envy people’s height. I hope to make it to like 5’1… Lol.

  1. LOL. I LOVED 8 and 10 lol

  1. October 9th, 2010

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