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Bananas (-_-)

For some reason, whenever I see a person with a banana and I want the banana… I can usually get them to give me the banana in 10 seconds or less. I think that counts as a talent. I haven’t seen other people with this talent either. Hmm……

Lucifer, Devil, Demon…?

I would like to know why those words have been changed into something that they were not.

Lucifer is the bringer of light, a lightbearer. And… now people call him/her/it the devil and evil because of religion. How interesting.

Then there’s the word “devil” which originated from the word “devi” and that means “God”…

“Demon” in Greek means guardian spirit. Again, it somehow got flipped around because of religion. I wonder why. What reason is there to change meanings of words and then make the vast majority of people believe a lie?

Those 3 terms do not have meanings related to evil or Hell or any of that. But somehow, all 3 are now evil. Now that I know this, everytime someone uses those kinds of labels, I am automatically not going to believe them. It is messed up to lie to millions of people. About words.

F— It Dirty – Lol

So I was thinking of an entertaining song that I was in the mood to listen to… I settled on the song “Fuck It” by Eamon. There is also the even more entertaining response “Fuck It” by Frankee or something. So I looked up “Fuck It Dirty” because I don’t like listening to edited songs. I want the original! And then I realized… “Wow, that sounds really bad…”                                                            *deletes browsing history* ROFLMAO

How To Deal With Haters

First off, it is 4:30 in the morning and I still can not sleep. –__– *sigh*

Anyways, dealing with haters… you should appreciate that they hate you so much, they waste their own life for you!

But to stop them, here’s a couple things you can do:

  1. Say to them, “That’s right, slave. I command you to hate.” and they’ll stop at least temporarily lol. They don’t want to feel like someone else’s bitch.
  2. If they’re hatin gets hella irritating, start digging up some dirt. Might be immature or whatever, but in the long run they won’t bother you as much. Find out CURRENT embarassing or degrading things about them. Then talk to them about it in front of people like its normal.
  3. Whatever you do, don’t fight even if it’s in self defense. The “government” sucks and is not always on your side even when you’re following the law. If you think the government always protects you as long as you’re following the law, you’re lame and you need to go and get a reality check. Just avoid the fighting *sigh* unless you could arrange to actually do some MMA or box that person in a gym. In that case, beat them up, just not enough to send them to a hospital. Lol.

Now I’m hungry, so I’m gonna make something to eat. LOVE and PEACE~

Dumbasses. Lol.

It really sucks agreeing with people who think most teens are dumbasses, and then still being placed in the category of dumbasses. By dumbass people who don’t know me or anything about my life. Thus, I categorize those people as dumbasses for thinking a stranger is a dumbass. And that makes… most people dumbasses. LOL. Power to the people. *cheers*

Double Vanilla?!?

Wth is Double Vanilla? I’m eating Double Vanilla ice cream and now that it’s almost gone, I’m like… How can it be a double? Of 1 thing? Is this an inner blonde moment or is that a valid question?

>_<  Man, I think sometimes I make brunettes look bad. I take that back. Jasmine makes brunettes look bad. (Love you Jasmine if you read this! ;D)

Edit: I just thought about it… and me AND Jasmine in 1 place must make brunettes look realllyyyy bad. O___O

12 Months – Estonian

Hmm….. Kaksteist kuud? Lol. Now I wonder how many people actually understand this.